PWYM assignments

This is where I’m posting my work for Play With Your Music, because some of these URLs are huge and annoying to share with people in full plaintext form.

Week 3: mixes

The Convergent Mix

The ‘Creative’ Mix – I decided to go living-room, unplugged (mostly), minimalist.  Since most of the accompaniment is driven around the feel of the drums, I decided to pull them out completely.  I nearly went with just the Piano and Vox alone, but felt it was just a bit too empty, so there are a couple other instruments there (greatly subdued).

Week 4: Mix from stems

Air Traffic – Living Room Mix on Soundcloud

This is basically the same feel I was going for in the ‘Creative’ mix last week, but this time I got to build the FX to match from nice, dry stems.  Nothing dramatic, just tried to find a reverb that would feel like a smaller setting, used filters/EQ and wet/dry mix on the reverb to move the quieter instruments to the back, and took out some mids from the piano so that it didn’t crowd the vocals as much.

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