Scratch for Middle School Math

Construction Kit’ projects:

Angles and Shapes Kit:

Angles kit

Co-ordinate drawing kit:

coordinate kit

Construction Kit Studio (where more construction kits may be added in the future)


Basic Programming Concepts

  1. Sequential operations: things happen in a specific order (top to bottom)
  2. Looping: having the program repeat a section of code instead of copy-and-pasting it over and over
  3. Decisions / “if” statements: choosing from different actions depending on a condition
  4. Variables and state: remembering specific information, changing what happens depending on what’s happened before
  5. Input / output: reacting to mouse, keyboard, voice, etc input and using movement, audio, video, etc output
  6. Functions / procedures: putting reusable code into its own script, giving it a name, giving it parameters
  7. Events: triggering a script based on a specific thing-that-happened
  8. Objects: grouping data and code together into logical ‘types’


General Scratch resources:

Scratch Help page – includes a great Getting Started guide

Scratch Cards

Scratch Card example

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