I’ve been on a knitting kick lately. It makes for a good evening activity, as it’s something I can do while sitting on the couch and hanging out with my wife (without the mentally-distant factor that happens if I’m online or gaming).  Plus, if you’re going to be a guy who knits, might as well nerd out on it for maximum unusualness.

The backstory: I worked for a month or so as a coder for a downloadable game about knitting.  I needed to know how to draw knits and purls – which is awfully hard to figure out if you know nothing about knitting.  So, I picked up a beginner book and learned.

That game got cancelled (the design was kind of shaky, my prototyping skills were insufficient to come up with something convincing in time) but then I found this book, which strangely found its way onto my bookshelf. (How do you NOT put that title on your bookshelf?)  The projects in there are fantastic, and I think I’ve made half of them by now.

Now I’ve discovered the fun of Ravelry and being able to search through an entire internet’s worth of free patterns intelligently, as well as posting photos to show off a bit.  For example, the weird yarn I found for these ‘Medallion Mitts’ just made the whole enterprise worth taking pictures of.

My last project was actually a pattern I invented, cribbing from the general deal of “knit in the round to make a hat”.  I had tried knitting the fisherman’s watchcap found in Knitting With Balls, but I got impatient and made it a little too short, plus the ribbing came out too wide and kind of goofy.  I’ll leave the rest of the story for now as it should get its own post along with writing up the pattern, but you can see the results on Ravelry here.

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