Hi intrepid readers, so here’s me homeworking again.

First, the classroom action:

My first week of semester 2 classes has been pretty great. Both math classes have had a full 5 days of beginner-Thinking-Classroom stuff: verbally delivered problems that have interesting patterns / solutions, room for extensions, and working in visibly random groups on whiteboards & windows.

There’s been majority buy-in from the students so far, and the rest are pretty firmly in the “I hate math class because math class has always hated me” camp from what I can tell. No one’s had a meltdown over not working with their favorite friends. I have had a few questions along the lines of, “So when are we going to have a normal class?”, but I’ve just kind of shrugged that off. “Maybe never, we’ll see!”

Content-wise, it’s all been a selection of Good Problems taken from either what I’ve worked on in class myself or from Peter’s site. I’ve been using the same ones in both my Foundations 11 and my Math 10 classes … which just backfired today as the afternoon grade 10 class had talked with someone from the morning 11 class and been given “the answer”. (They still didn’t know *why* it was the answer and they kind of spilled the beans in asking me, but it did mean the time spent on the problem was significantly shorter.) Oh well, was going to move to curriculum-specific problems tomorrow anyway!

I have a few coursework-specific questions to answer that I’ll put after the break.